Redbubble, Contrado, TeePublic

For Contrado, of note is that here I just reused one design, the 2400×600 or whatever that RedBubble requested for a banner, and the 130px logo they requested. Note this 130pixels should be “from an image of larger than that size” as I made a fresh 130pixel image and wasted time trying to upload it. It had to be a larger image for it to upload and then got cropped.

TeePublic is here now too.

Redbubble probably took about an hour or two to set up. I’m easily distracted. Maybe closer to an hour.

I already had the kind of garbage original “designs” laying around from playing with Krita and my graphic tablet.

Unfortunately, I doubt I will ever have anything valuable to put on there or want to anything. But! It’s up and running now.

So if I want to just put words on shirts (as others do) then there is no reason I cannot, and indeed there are a lot of people who mention that a T-shirt store was their first store. (Apparently, according to some online passive income article I read.)

Contrado took a fraction of the time maybe because I put in a fraction of the effort. They weren’t kidding you can’t change this later, the first time I selected it locked. RedBubble, I was like, shit I should have said USD currency just in case. It’s hard to keep track, as a Canadian, of where you might be able to be paid in USD (like in your Paypal?) when you are just starting out, because you want to avoid any currency conversion charges if possible.

“I don’t need to take money away from them” was an interesting life philosophy that has kept with me a long time, I’m not sure how it works but has even been involved in job selection. “I don’t need to take a job away from someone else that needs it,” strange mindset that is when I, also, require to work if I want to have a decent standard of living.

It’s amazing what you can get accomplished when it’s not at all what you were supposed to be working on.

Time – 1-2 hours
MARKUP (profit) 10-30% apparently
Cost: free!
Bonus: site has name recognition
Under 1 hour
20% default, can change
Also free!
“Low carbon footprint” claim
Signup takes minutes
up to 31% if also referring traffic (@11%)
no cost to sign up.
Referral program possibly lower barrier
when you design a table wrong and decide to say “fuck it” each and every time

Because I’m easily influenced by the last thing I read, I’ll let contrado’s own marketing explain their points.

Somehow I have just been lost and wandering. I just feel like I’m having a “senior’s moment” where I don’t know exactly where I am and another half hour’s gone by. Time to close all the browser windows I can stand to and find something new to focus on.

Today (May 17th I have added TeePublic) and easiest yet! Although it took time to sign up, it wasn’t working with the artist sign up through facebook option. Perhaps I am getting better at this? Not the art part, just the signups. I’d say if I were going to do just one of the three as a low efffot thing I would choose this one, but no reason not to do all of them!