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Affiliates/Etc. – Free (Small Amounts of) Money!

Here is a list of sign-ups that can make us both (at least a little!) money, perhaps a few bucks, and some information on programs that have made me money in the past. The affiliate links I try to keep up to date, we both make money if you click on some of them and follow the conditions. Others are one way, or don’t provide me a kickback, they’re just here for information, so you may need to follow the steps to set up yourself, but I really appreciate it if you click where indicated and check them out if you are curious! You can always just click or just sign up for an account and look around, sometimes we get paid just for the signup! 🙂


TeePublic (stickers, wall art, apparel, etc.) gives you $1 credit for every design sold by someone you refer up to $1000, they still get their full credit, and they are one of the highly rated print on demand groups. Drag out your digital art and make money! There are lots of sites to do this.

WEBCAM MODELLING (or, y’know, just consuming the entertainment.) 18+

You can make money no matter how you feel comfortable presenting! Chaturbate pays referral bonuses no matter what someone is doing on their site – signing up to broadcast, buying tokens, whatever. (If you don’t have a link there, check your pop-up/etc blocker. This page has no pop-ups.) If you’ve never thought of camming, there’s no time like the present! There are loads of guides online, and let’s be very clear – not everyone who goes on Chaturbate takes their clothes off, and you never have to show something you’re not ready to – there are definitely options to provide a different experience! Like anywhere else, it’s just a platform for people to tip you – but it is 18+, and ID proof is required to perform. Approval goes through within 24 hours usually, maybe 48? I think they tell you in the sign up, it’s also easier to sign up for than other sites and they accept you as long as you do the ID right. I’ve been told that they have the best payout ratio out of the major sites, as far as I know this is still true! Make sure to read the rules – no sleeping on camera, no intoxicants, etc.


WealthSimple Trade offers you a $10 credit for opening an account. It’s the $0 commission fee stock trading app in Canada. I’ve only paid fees with them on their US/Canadian exchange rate which is on par with other banks, if not better/cheaper (I believe RBC, one of my usual banks, charges more, but don’t quote me). Enter your email and create a password to sign up for Wealthsimple Trade and get a $10 credit for you and $25 for me when you deposit and trade at least $100. It takes a few days to get going, but not bad, hey?

I also have Invest with them, following that link and funding an account allows us both $10000 managed free for 12 months with a roboadvisor, (I have a few thousand with them currently) which is something separate than the trading account – and at one point they wanted me to sign up for WealthSimple Cash as well, which gave me $10 free to sign up. It’s only $10, but it’s free if they offer it to you!

Why WealthSimple? Investing is how you put your money to work for you. My regular bank costs me like $10 per trade, I only use them if I need to trade all of a sudden and don’t want to wait for money to move to WealthSimple so I can buy something. It’s been great so far. Wealthsimple Cash offers $5 for you and a friend if you encourage more people in but that works by phone number so it’s up to you to recruit your friends, since I’m not planning to hand out my phone # for $5! 😉

SHOPPING (also see below) – ebay’s affiliate program – relatively quick signup, I feel like it went through very quickly! Links go in, links come out! – aliexpress’s affiliate program – not ready for dropshipping? Ethically against making too much profit? Give these a go, but be sure to create a funnel to keep bringing customers back to your site! While you’re logged in, you just press the buttons on the toolbar that comes down from the top?


Don’t know where to start with a WordPress website? You can start anywhere, and it might as well be GreenGeeks, get your services from namecheap and your hosting from greengeeks or just go straight for greengeeks who will get you a first year domain name free (assuming that deal is still on)! – they have a 300% carbon offset, so at least you can make one decision that is environmentally decent! And cost and service are good too, haven’t had any complaints yet from any of my dealings. 2.95 or 4.95 a month are the specials right now for the basic and pro plans, I locked in for three years – I don’t know why! I guess to force me to commit to the websites. It’s working so far!


Tangerine has a program where each person gets $50, you can refer three per year, they just need to put in and keep in $250 for 60. Other banks have similar programs now.

I like that they have ETFs I can just put money in straight from my bank account without extra costs. They’re not great, they’re not terrible, just another tool for me to put money into the market and hopefully passive income over time. If you’re young – EVERYTHING HELPS! Start small, 5, 10, 15, 20 (thousand) dollars really adds up over time. early compounding is … something. Idk, I don’t really care about investing, I do it because I don’t want my cash to lose money to inflation. And it makes money by accident! Or on purpose, I guess. So… good.

PHONE SEX! NiteFlirt offers a platform for phone sex operators that takes less of a cut than some other options. It’s pretty easy to set up, and they have a text message function that you get paid for as well. If you’re a purchaser of those services to the turn of $50 within 90 days I get a credit. 😉 No credit for operators signing up through the link but still a good alternate source of income if you have the talent/interest! There are certainly lots of niches to fill.

PAY IN CREDIT: provides a coupon code, mine is qvvnsrc – I’m thinking that might not last forever, but it gives you $7 if you haven’t bought off wish in 30 days or are a new signup, and something like that to me too I assume in credit that can only be spent on platform, up to $140 per month for your referrals – it’s another option for when you want something cheap, besides ebay and aliexpress! Visit for kitschy dollar store crap that costs more than a dollar (but $7 off! enter coupon code at checkout!)

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash