HMDIC to date?

Well, jeez, dat’s a loaded question of a potato and a pickle in itself.

Note to me: buy groceries, stop writing while hypomanic, try to make sense for your audience.

Here is the lowdown: don’t be desperate. Hard, sometimes, but just put the bait in the water and hope for the best. Follow up on every conversation. Put a lot of information about yourself, your wants, your interests in how you like to spend your downtime and time with a partner, and what you’re looking for in a match.

That’s it, that’s the whole fucking story. Make an account on two or three dating sites, I recommend Bumble, Scruff. and OKCupid, because the one is going to serve you lots of people if you are active every two weeks – three months when you come on to hook you into coming back, and the other is great for finding a good match because you can be detailed as fuck. And… idk with Scruff, gay/bi non-poly dating apps are a hard needle to thread when you’re not looking for hookups.

You don’t NEED to pay for it on any dating site. you might want to. That’s it!

What does paying for a dating site get you? A sucker badge. The sites are built to make you want to spend. I’m okay with spending on OKC because there’s a chance the people who like me are actually from my area. Maybe you’re not like me and you don’t care if someone is far away, love blossoms from afar! I want people I can spend time with close, meet low-effort and hang out with. And OKC is polyamory/pansexual friendly, more or less, so have at it!

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