How Much Does it Cost to Meetup? Social Gathering?

As of July 2021!

So you’ve made it to the end of the signup for making a new group and discovered the following:

even worse, monthly:

What are some alternatives to Is there a free alternative to Well, first on the list is eventbrite

I totally gave up on the idea, really. You can use things as simple as facebook for events, it does look like there is not a great free meetup site in my area right now, facebook events therefore might not be the worst thing ever. Sign up for a lot of local bullshit to get even notices, it’s not like you use your facebook for anything else anymore, right?, groupspaces: defunct.

OpenSports: appears to be payment based, but also sports specific so not being considered.

Citysocializer: UK based and subscription based?

Foursquare: I am not quite familiar with this , but I assume that other people would be and I would have been advised if it were appropriate for social gatherings of strangers.

alternately: how to just *find* social events, perhaps I’ll work on that next?

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