How Much Does it Cost to… shitpost, mock up, um, I forget this one. Start passive income…ing?

How much does it cost to NEVER START? That’s the question you need to be asking yourself.

It costs you every cent of potential future earnings. It costs you an entire FIRE (financial independence, retire early) option, extra income stream, etc.

How much does it cost in time?

Everything has to be done again, re-stylized, re-optimized if it’s not done correctly – but that’s okay, you should always be optimizing!

BUT what if it’s the cost of getting started? To just sometimes put things up without knowing why, and fill in the details later? You can always take them down!

How much does it cost in ranking? That’s a good question.

SEO is important. How am I ever going to make my dropshipping site successful? How am I supposed to get my start as an affiliate marketer? Why do I not make any sales? There’s probably some utility in making sure that you stay as topical as possible.

Yes, part of creating your successful affiliate marketing site is getting traffic, and you may need to pay for that at some point, or you can just keep tossing your site out there everywhere on all of your social media, go to other blogs, etc. Just network network network and hope for the best. Once you have traffic and quality content together, then you will start looking at success and seeing that it is attainable.

In the meantime, try to work on design and style and maybe don’t look like EVERY OTHER site out there.

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