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How Much Does it Cost to Change Careers?

SO many people want to get away from it all right now. After being stuck inside and worrying what the world is going to look like when it returns to normal, not to mention the increased awareness of the fragility of life. Why not consider what it would be like to start off on a new track – any new track, I’m not recommending any particular one, just something that you actually want to do, or something that you hate less, or something that is less stressful, has a better work-life balance, is easier on your body or mind, pays better or just maybe makes you feel better all-around overall?

Look at the opportunity cost, which is the money (and other benefits) you lose by NOT looking for something better.

Gain from the experience of Dr Barbara Bassot (stylized The Career Dr.) who has been a careers adviser and theorist for over 40 years, helping people of all ages change careers. The first module of her program is free – have a look! It can’t hurt to dream, right?

You might be thinking that there is a requirement for an email or a credit card to access the free content – no, the first video and worksheets are free, and you can decide if you want to spend the fee – showing £100 GBP at checkout.

I know there are lots of jobs I’ve worked that I would have paid $170.53 CAD to get out of, which is that amount in Canadian currency, today 15 May 2021, or $141 USD. And eventually I did, quitting without having any plan I missed out on weeks of work and took lower paying jobs than I was skilled for to make sure I got by – sometimes for years! Imagine carefully planning and executing that sort of thing, instead!

Don’t forget you can alter the speed on videos, up to 2x so that you can run through a little faster. Just use the little settings gear at the bottom right and select playback.

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