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How Much Does it Cost to Shop on the Internet? A LOT! A lot of Egg Breakfast Sandwiches.

It’s true! You can get ripped off so easily. Products that never come, commissions for artist fees, inflated print on demand fees, dropshippper’s profit,

Wait, what is a DROPSHIPPER?

A dropshipper is someone who has their own storefront but doesn’t necessarily have their own product. You can often recognize a dropshipper by the face that they charge more than you might hope for a product and it takes longer than you would want to arrive. For example, take a look at my store. Every item is overpriced by some amount, (unless something has gone horribly, dreadfully wrong) and every item is one that you can find at its original, cheaper price somewhere on my site.

Where do these products come from? Mostly storefronts or businesses that sell them for cheaper. While not all dropshipped producs are ones that you can find online yourself at lower prices, many are.

HOW do I avoid this Scammy Mark-up?

Aliexpress, Ebay, Wish, various discount goods sites that ship from China, mostly. IF you have other tips, please feel free to let me know. I mostly buy small electronics online, or general purpose items, so these are the sites where I check. Specialized items or “niches” are where you will find a lot of – they aim to come up higher

Big Secret: (not really) the internet is trying to sell things to you! Even me. All the time. Everywhere. Every clickbait headline, there’s money to be made off your viewership – and you’re not getting any!

What’s the alternative?

Well, it pays to do due diligence. Do a bit of research, describe the item slightly differently once or twice on AliExpress or Ebay and see if you can come up with a cheaper price or a better quality product – this can be hard to tell online! Some dropshippers consider quality a part of their brand, they even do have their own brand printed on things. Others, they don’t care and just go for the basic/generic. Many of the bands that you see in marketplaces don’t even really exist in terms of that brand making that product, they’re just printed on whatever supplier’s product, which may change in time.

Joining the system may drive prices down for everyone. It will certainly have the impact of potentially

Pay money to no one for the purpose of lessons on dropshipping or affiliate marketing, for you can get them all for free in different places online. Anybody trying to sell you things or asking you for money to make money is a false guru – try looking up their name + “false guru” for the most egregious examples. The only things you need are a website, brains, time, and a strong moral belief that what you are doing isn’t evil.

Which I lack, so I self-sabotage and write bad copy. Oh well! That last one is negotiable, apparently. Or profit is, one of the two.

Affiliate links are also common on blogs like this, and you will see them sprinkled throughout.

What is an AFFILIATE?

An affiliate is someone who makes money (often on a commission basis) for a sale made under certain conditions. Any time you click a link from one site to another site, it is likely in the hopes that you will support the original site like this. Just think: why would the site direct you elsewhere if your viewership is worth money to them?

a) to make a sale Example of Affiliate Programs themselves & Guitar Products Example

b) because the sites are owned by the same people.

Those are literally the only two reasons. Well, we can add altruism and by mistake, because they don’t know what they’re doing or how important the bounce rate is or all sorts of lovely stuff, also in informational articles sometimes you have no choice, but then that becomes part of the original product, the news.

Anyway, I’ll end this blog post like all the others: if you’re still reading, Why? How much does it cost you to read to the end of the article? Half the time I don’t have anything to say at the end here and one of these days maybe I’ll tighten things up. Go check out my article on how much does it cost to raise sheep! Or How much does it cost to build a house from scratch! Or how much does it cost to eat an Egg McMuffin? That one I can do!


Today’s price, as of 15 May 2021 is $3.59 for an Egg McMuffin or $6.19 for an Egg McMuffin meal. $0.20 more for a bacon or sausage ‘N Egg equivalent. Coupons in the McDonalds app frequently allow discounted prices or deals such as 2 for 1 mix and match. As for the calories and sodium and mental costs of admitting that you ate and/or enjoyed McD’s, I think that’s up to you and your personal preference.

For the record, a six pack of English muffins at the dollar store: $2, 12 eggs: 2.29 on special at Rexall’s most Fridays, processed cheese 24/$3 last sale I saw.

If you’re able to use those all just for English muffins, that’s $.65 per English muffin sandwich, and you get to make the eggs your preferred way, (I haven’t had an Egg McMuffin which fulfilled the criteria I expect from one in years.) That’s a savings of over $3 per breakfast sandwich, once you include the taxes! *no payment from McD’s was offered for this lazy lesson in the economics of basic breakfast sandwiches. The comparative best deal is likely the sausage or chicken mcmuffin, which I imagine is less replicable with other ingredients, but the lesson here should really be to stay away from chain restaurants who are trying to sell you convenience when you could be saving that money to invest. One decision like that over a year is an extra thousand dollars in your pocket. If you must attend, check out coupons, which are a perfectly valid reason to have an app and do not even need to be presented in person with apps. Turn off notifications! And hide the app icon so it’s not advertising at you.

post of bank telling customer to save money with small changes / contrasted with $31 million CEO pay and $12 billion bailout
like this, only…. yeah. Source: https://imgur.com/gallery/ygCdKo2.

Featured Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

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