How Much Does it Cost for Guitar Capo, Bass or Guitar Strap, et cetera?

EBay (cheapest)AliExpress (medium)Amazon (expensive)
Capo (Kyser knockoff)$1.20 US / $1.46 est. CDN Red only, 13-57 day ship
$3.45 US / $4.19 est. CDN colour choice
C $2.85 (version one)
C $5.54 (prices estimated, assuming
the price is converted from USD)
C $5.95
Strap!$1.92 US / 2.32 est. CDN * on sale, 7 cents offC $2.34 *C2.55+4.99 for Delivery**
As of today, May 9, 2021 

*My strap was originally priced at 1 cent, which I thought inappropriately low, and then it changed without notifying me to 2.30. Sketchy as fuck, AliExpress, but I was expecting the 1 cent not to go through and going to order from you anyway, since you’re cheapest on this one so good enough. Prices may be variable due to changing USD/CAD rates.

**This looks exactly like the other straps except you’re paying more for it to maybe come faster or maybe not, it’s apparently still coming from China?

Fretboard stickers on AliExpress: from C$2.17 at time of writing (for the green ones)

As per usual, ebay and aliexpress cheap products have about the same shipping time when shipping from China, anywhere between a couple of weeks and a number of months or never, so you need may need to follow up on these products, and amazon has between tomorrow and however long after that.

For about (At time of writing, under) $14 you can have a 30 cm long piece of guitar to practice your fretting on. It does not make guitar-like sound but lets you practice fretting and think about things like voice leading for guitar using muscle memory. It’s so cute!

Ukulele Pick or Plectrum Holder (cheap!) and other guitar/stringed instrument accessories

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