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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Twitter Following for a Twitter Novice?

28 Apr, 2021

First of all, let me say I have no idea what a quality Twitter following looks like. 1000 followers from all over the world are maybe not what anyone else would be looking for, but I think it’s really great and interesting to see all the tweets translated!

This is my project to get a Twitter following for a Twitter newbie. I don’t even know how to use “the Twitter.” I’ve spent a portion of my spare time this week on it, it’s been interesting. I’m going to go the free route, and whether going free or paid I can and would expect that there is the likelihood and/or possibility of losing people you add over time.

My research (okay, the first site I looked at) says 3-7 tweets a day is an appropriate amount, weekdays are busier, during the day is busier, but really with things being global and with no idea what I want to do, I don’t really see a problem with spreading things out more at this time. is one tool you can use for that, to schedule tweets or attach multiple accounts. is what I have been using most, it has a handy feature that spaces the adds (follows) for you, I have not yet had any account suspension or anything. I joined Feb 2021 but only started doing anything in the last few days. It may be a good idea, as with any social, to try to have spare accounts before you need them as newer accounts are sometimes judged more harshly.

One of the things that I’ve learned: where it says your # of followers, you can click there! And follow back the people not followed. I do this for everyone, it seems the thing to do.

You can also click the profile picture (pfp) icon to zoom in on your most recent notification follows to add those back.

And it looks like I just hit the limit. This happened with twitnerd also, I was hoping that was just because it had a different way of adding, but it seems that I stretched things too far. This seems to apply more to additions coming from outside the twitter user interface itself. [edit: I had my account locked 29 Apr for 3 days, 0 hours, I had a couple warnings from twiends and twitnerds that it was locking, which I ignored. It’s good, though, maybe, unless it counts against me in future? The lock came through in the evening, not sure exactly when but between 5 and 8 pm PDT maybe?]

400 users daily limit for follows, which of course they say it might be less specific or clear than that. Twitter also gives some warning against using outside services and seems to indicate that it may be a ToS violation… but then also allows you to? It’s a little confusing, perhaps I should have paid more attention to the graphs, but 3 days for a time out means a couple things, like yay I get to take a break from twitter and see if things stay stable. Mostly they warn about aggressive following and follower churn, kinda bullshit I guess? idk.

305 new connections, 43 received, 262 made, followers growing by 32 (low) and 90 (high) per day.

As of today, (28 Apr) I went back and added people on each of my breaks (about every two hours) and also used an additional site. ( It seems that whenever you add other people, the site also serves you up as an option for others to add. It tracks whether you remove people. I’m unsure still if any of these metrics or whatever mean anything, but that’s still all okay. I’m just building up a random low-quality audience with diverse interests because why not?

It also helps that I’m not censoring my audience. I don’t care if these people agree with my politics, these are potential customers.

If I never get any engagement, I’ve wasted my week or x weeks, but that’s fine, because twitter seems like it’s going to be the lowest effort I can or need to put into a platform, although obviously photo or video content may be better received. For the life of me, I don’t know why video is so well received as I am less likely to offer a set amount of my time to something without knowing what it is, but I am in the minority I suppose.

It’s worth noting that twitter has a translation function that means having international audience isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Especially if you are shipping from China, I don’t know if maybe other countries have better ways of interacting, but some of them may certainly be closer?

No, that doesn’t make sense. Frankly, I don’t really know how any of this works. I’m willing to give anything a try.

It seems to be good practice to follow people back, it’s possible to do by keeping track of your adds under notifications and also using services such as, although this gave me problems when I tried to click the box text and then mass add everyone following me that I had not already followed at once. It seems only fair, and if I want to keep my followers, I should follow them, yes?

I’ve also tried to like and retweet and use pictures and interact with different languages, etc. We shall see where this gets us across time! I do not get the impression that the adds that I get are bots, as what exactly would be the purpose of that? Except one, who liked all my pictures, that seemed sketchy. Hm. 1 out of 345. Let’s say I’ve put two hours a day in, starting five days ago, (it’s just become past midnight and thus Thursday morning where I am, so unsure when I started but five days, yes) across other activities. A targeted attack from someone who knew what they were doing/after would probably be better, but then maybe they would also want to try for a paid attempt. I’m not interested in anything like that yet.

I will update in a bit as time goes on. (Apr 30th: down to 368 followers from a high of 390 or so. I’m not keeping track of who I lose, but it is worth nothing that I am not the same language or dialect as some of these people. I have not been focusing as much effort but I am not going completely inactive, and I’m trying to respect the lock on my account and not try to do any following while the three days play out.

So it’s May 20th, I just hit 1000 followers today. I’ve been posting here and there, engaging here and there. with likes or comments. I don’t know if I’ve kept perfectly to my mix of 3-7 posts with some retweets, some news or educational (“trends”) links and links to my own site. I’m not aware of any traffic being driven there.

Likes, as follows, beget likes from time to time.

Lessons learned:

-if you want engagement, perhaps it really is better to start small.

-ideally, you will have a niche already and grow based on that.

-you can set safety limits and just check in a number of times per day for less chance of getting account locked

-I am still not sure what the consequences of a locked account are and whether you can just sign back into Twitter and no worries, the three day pause seemed questionable but the break was nice.

-if you have a specific geographic focus (i.e. I gather my audience is probably going to be more Canadian just because I was cheap and got a .ca website) then you should probably attend to that rather than just adding people from all over, twiends does have an option for that.

-these methoms of marketing, as with all of them (“gain trust by adding a few people at a time, making connections that seem personal and later adding in business motivations) are implicitly and explicitly manipulative and at least a little immoral, so I’m more convinced than ever that some people lack a moral compass after seeing what people recommend in sales and marketing. Are any of our online friends even real? At least in the 90s we didn’t have to worry about that. Man, internet, you’ve aged well in some ways and you’ve aged poorly in others.

Keep up to date here: [I don’t know how to make it show my user count, but here’s my feed, where I occasionally say stupid stuff, especially in an attempt to be funny.]

So there is one lesson here: if Twitter is potentially going to be limited to a specific number of users over a specific time, then it makes even more sense to connect with a higher quality targeted audience. Some people have tips on doing this (follow people who are like x, who have interests of X, who tag x, who X x X, but for me I am still just going to try at this time to keep a broad strokes thing going. I can always try something different with the next one, right? Am I allowed multiple twitter accounts?

It’s allowed. Gravy! But I’m not really interested in that right now. provides an argument against the approach I am taking. Maybe I am just being lucky so far! Or something. Certainly I do not know about the detriment caused by having my followers so outnumbered by my following.

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