HMDIC: FREE – licence!

So I see that there are people going around and taking creative commons stuff (or even copyrighted stuff!) and stealing it and using it for profit. It’s being recommended as a get rich quick (or other moneymaking scheme) on TIkTok and YouTube, from what I’ve seen.

Keep in mind that attribution is a part of these licences, and that if someone catches you doing this, you can and will be sued! 😉 Obviously that’s a possibility with the copyrighted stuff as well.

Not by me, though, who has time for that shit?

You can generally assume that most of the stuff here on this site is intended to be shared with attribution in the form of a backlink/linkback, if you’re feeling in a sharing mood, if you’re unsure just ask!

For someone who has always considered the internet a free resource and has gained so much from it, my desire is certainly to give back if possible, and people are likely able to improve on anything I might have to say – plus the internet is all about remixing, so go nuts!

Image by progressor from Pixabay

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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