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Sustainable Packaging | Passive Income

So… recently, I have decided to take the plunge like so many others and start seeing about building some passive income.

I know that I am low effort and non-social so I decided to choose dropshipping as my next direction, because it seems I will have little to lose if my lack of desire to keep up with socials prevents success.

As an anti-capitalist (at heart) it seems an evil: remove value by inserting yourself in the process between seller and buyer. (In my version of anticapitalism goods should be priced as cheaply as possible so people can afford them – but also must account for all the social ills and externalities.)

And, to be fair, I tried to avoid being a responsible money-making adult until I realized people I grew up with had their own houses while I was still sleeping in a doorway.

markets consider this a way of addressing the fact that the sales of goods is an activity that should be compensated. That sentence was from somewhere earlier but I will leave it there because I like the juxtaposition.

while the movement of goods should, yes, be compensated for those who take on the labour, the sales aspect seems suspect to me, but that’s neither here nor there. suffice to say that I came to terms morally with the idea of profiting off of a career that I was totally against by telling myself that in the rare case I was successful I would be helping with a global problem if I had done my research right.

So let’s get started: wikipedia tells me about lifecycle interests and I set some restrictions:

-should not be made from food product so that it’s not in competition for food resources.

-just has to be better than e.g. paper or cardboard

-carbon neutral or better (you know, before the fucking shipping)

That seems like a lot to ask at first attempt. I wonder where local recycled products end up? Probably they are shipped elsewhere, largely, to be turned into something different.

Anyway, that’s about as much research as I care to do for now. Dropshipping at first?

Research: it was an interesting idea, and I could really stand behind it, but I don’t think I can set this up for dropshipping. So… we’ll see what happens.

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