Pic of Epic Games Launcher showing hand of fate 2, rocket league, and core all on the same splash screen

HMDIC: Free…. video games!

Epic Games Launcher has the sequel to a game I rather enjoyed on XBox, (Hand of Fate / 2) though coming back around to it I think it’s a little harder or I’m out of practice or both! I seem to recall I cheated to make it through the end of the game rather than letting it send me back in time I wouldn’t let the game save my failed run.

I think it was just at the last king battle, so frustrating when you’re like… yes! I am finally at the end! And then something unexpected happens, as it so often does in certain types of games. And you’re thinking… well, damn, I got killed just because that’s never happened before and the game mechanic changed, …anyway, here I am justifying cheating when it’s better to just say to the game right off the bat that you’re going to be polyamorous.

Rocket League is now free, I think it’s been free to play for a while. Epic launcher releases at least 1 free game A WEEK! For PC, anyway, including “Core” which I haven’t really gotten into but they’re promoting as their portal to thousands of games/DIY aesthetic for non-programmers. It’s probably interesting to some!

There’s also a MAGIC: the Gathering RPG that came out a while ago, free to play, I played maybe a level and it seemed like it could be interesting to some. My new concommital catchphrase!

Anyway, I’m sure there will be more interesting stuff in the future – free is a good price, and if the only thing I have to do is open up the app once a week (or be too lazy to take it off my open at startup list for now, …works well in case I forget, I was stoked to get a legal copy of hand of fate 2 for free!)

Oh yeah, XBox also in the news for making free to play games now free to multiplayer, so…. time to dust off the old Xbox and… nahhhh, who has time for video games when there’s zero passive income to be made!?

interesting to some?

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