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Already ready to drop dropshipping… until…

See, I know that I’m not going to have the time or energy to make it worthwhile to pay money for the first step, or the second step. So this is probably where this idea falls apart. I wanted to see if I could get a product or set of products online and then think about marketing, but that’s not something that’s going to happen. Were I to go for a plan that’s free for now, eventually it would cost me. Soon, in fact, I’m sure. And there’s no real reason for me to put my money in a store that’s not going to be profitable.

Negative thinking? Well yeah, maybe. Probably. But realistic in that I’m not going to be spending hours a day on it. I can’t focus that well.

Here’s some of what I’ve learned:

Spocket (which does not have an R in it, for WordPress and via WooCommerce) allows you to get all the way up to the product at which point it gives you the option to pay for the import of a dropshipping product or free trial for 14 days.

Since this is a time limited option similar to Shopify’s 2 weeks, I am thinking no. I would rather know what I am doing so I can leverage those two weeks.

AHA! I found it, it’s WP + WooCommerce + WooCommerce DSers dropshipping allows free accounts, up to 1000 products. I have my greengeeks

I am still not sure if I want to install the chrome extension. Paypal business name can be whatever. DSers is…. currently not working very well. Is it because I said Canadian?

I decide to call it a night at 4:37am, I started before 10. My shopping page has an interesting mess of junk on it. Woo!

Menstrual cups sure seem to have come down in price. Cheaper, better for the environment, almost zero risk of toxic shock syndrome… I feel like there are probably other benefits, I’m not really sure it’s my place to have a say on the subject but apparently it’s never been cheaper to try… and if it doesn’t work for you, then hey! You always have something to do shots out of that has also been in your vagina!

I’m sure that could be a selling point for someone. Make little popsicles?

Yeah, I don’t know if I trust the generic “medical grade silicone” without someone breaking down for me whether that’s something to be sketched about, but as I recall you’re good with hydrogen peroxide or boiling, idk what else might come into play with silicon since I’m not really a sex toy person but yeah, I imagine medical grade silicone isn’t that different from food grade? Pore size? Share in the comments, I guess!

Fucking ridiculous that WordPress can be enough of a pain in the ass that suddenly I can’t get a link to work. https://www.bustle.com/articles/124170-i-tried-6-alternative-menstrual-products-and-there-were-2-clear-winners Here’s a link to someone’s post from 2015, one person’s experience!

And yet that one works fine! Strange. No byline on the second, I was hoping for better representation, obviously elephvating some people already in the top page of results for google, and offhand a quick look at that makes me wonder if it’s not funded by a company? There’s a video for a review for a specific cup interjected, and the front of the site has a sizing chart https://putacupinit.com/chart/ so i don’t know! I am just naturally wary of articles that seem to have a view with no byline.

Although the fact that the Kim Rosas profile seems to be there, which links to a site about cloth diapers – that’s interesting! My mom mentioned using cloth diapers for me, I think, and it seemed bizarre but sensible! Certainly the western world has some obsession with bodily fluids and disposable single-use products that isn’t necessarily seen elsewhere.

I feel very off-topic.

It’s also possible that we have some problems with pricing options in the DSers app, it’s certainly been slow going since the first item. Manally* pricing one item seemed to help get that one through, but of course many prices for the different variations. I wonder if each of the variations account for a single product? I might approach the 1000 item limit quickly if that happens.

*Manually and anally. The elephant in the room is I shouldn’t be talking about selling a product and taking profit as a dropshipper. I’ve always known to find the lowest price I could, (often having very limited funds and not as much of a limit on time.) I don’t know if importyeti.com makes more sense to other people than it does to me.

Aside from that, certainly telling people what dropshipping stuff I’m using on my site seems a perfectly transparent way of assuaging my guilt as acting as a middleman – if people want to do the research, they can cut me out of the equation and go around me. But then…. considering the price of the items, is it even going to be worth their time and energy?

Not if I find the right suppliers, right? Isn’t that what people are talking about?

Though yes, I admit if I see something advertised that I’m interested in while I’m shopping I sure as hell don’t pursue that listing.

Okay, so found my way back to on topic. It’s a wonder what not sleeping will do then power-napping, waking up choking on your own spit.

My browser tells me I haven’t been down for more than an hour once or twice, and that’s assuming I didn’t just switch browsers. When to take medication to help me sleep, hmm? I don’t usually have to worry about being manic on day one, but yes these friggin three-day weekends are certainly an enticement to get back to my old ways of seizing any opportunity to have an alternate life/side to me that is not day job work.

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