I long for all humankind to be free. (Animals too!)

I wish to be empowered to help people in any circumstance, ideally on a macro level, though not obligated.

I desire life to have meaning and be fulfilling.

To me, that means that we shouldn’t have to live in slavery to a job, a family, a religion, a way of life that means work and apartment, bigger house, whatever. Doesn’t mean that I’m not going to do it in the meantime, because I’ve tried it the other way, living for the moment and assuming death will come soon and I’m too old for that shit. WE should live with the aim of finding our truest selves and advancing the state of the world for all its inhabitants.

This is my dream!

But I am prepared to be imperfect and fall short. I’m not quite even 6’4, how short is that compared to, say, an old growth Redwood which will certainly outlive me and forever be more handsome?

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